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Living in electric dreams.

So the UK government has banned the sale of cars with ICE (internal combustion engines) that run on Petrol or Diesel from 2030. That really means that we need to start winding down sales of ICE cars from now, and start ramping up the sale of EVs (Electric Vehicles). Right? No. Wrong. It’s all a […]

SSH sessions over Starlink connections

After I moved my broadband package from a traditional ISP-over-copper to the Satellite based Starlink service, I noticed that my SSH sessions to remote servers would suffer from broken pipes and disconnections far more often than I’d experienced before. Initially I though this was due to short drop-outs while my Starlink terminal hopped from one […]

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ATEM Mini – Secrets and opportunites?

The ATEM Mini is an awesome HDMI Switcher from Blackmagic Desgn. With 4 HDMI Inputs, one HDMI Output, and one ‘WebCam’ USB output it offers great value for money. It is widely used by video bloggers and YouTubers for quickly changing camera angles and views, and is also a fantastic addittion to any livestream setup […]

Allen & Heath ZED 24 Repair Part 3 : Stereo Channel Card

Part three of a series of videos looking at the repair of an Allen & Heath ZED 24 Audio Mixer.

Allen & Heath ZED 24 Repair, Part 2

Here is Part 2 of a series looking at the teardown and repair of an Allen & Heath ZED 24 Audio Mixing desk.

Allen & Heath ZED 24 Teardown and repair

Here’s Part 1 of a series of videos I’m doing on repairing an Allen & Heath ZED 24 audio mixing desk.

Building Yocto Linux for Edison

The Intel Edison is a tiny embedded micro that has 4GB Flash and 1GB Ram. It runs Linux, and is ideal for embedding as an application platform into all kinds of devices, but especially for IoT and wearables.¬†I am currently working on some new products for a major client of mine based around Edison, and […]

Repairing PCBs with bodge wires.

I received six PCBs from a contract manufacturer, but due to a glitch in the manufacturing plots two traces were missing from the boards. To get the boards working I need to add two bodge wires to each board. This video shows the process of me repairing the board from start to finish.  

Calculator in Apple’s OS X El Capitan cannot perform basic maths!

I have discovered that the Calculator app that ships with OS X El Capitan¬†cannot do some pretty basic programmer’s maths. Being able to add and subtract in Base 10 (decimal) and Base 16 (Hexadecimal) is a pretty basic requirement of any programmer’s calculator. Developers use these number systems all day long, and the Calculator App […]

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