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April, 2014

Enclosure for Galileo

I have designed a partial enclosure for Galileo. Using the STEP files below you can 3D Print it yourself. I have not had one made yet, so cannot guarantee it’s a good fit, but I’m reasonably confident.   The STEP files for the enclosure are here.         The STEP files for the […]


Putting nano on Galileo

In this post I look at how to┬áput my current favoured linux text editor, nano, onto Galileo. My galileo is running the SD Card based linux image available from Intel’s IoT ADT page. This image includes all the dev tools required to build projects from source. You can use it to develop your own software, […]


Getting Galileo on WiFi

A guide to getting Galileo on WiFi The Intel Galileo development board has a full sized PCIe connector on the bottom. Using this connector you can add a WiFi card to Galileo, so that it can joint your WiFi network, or even create one of it’s own. Galileo is compatible with a number of WiFi […]


Intel Galileo useful links

Some useful links to Intel Galileo information: Here are some useful links to information about Intel Galileo, if you have more to add let me know. Intel Galileo Development Board Documents – Covers User guide, schematics, reference design, getting started guides and so on. Intel Galileo Software Downloads – Linux images, Arduino IDE etc. Intel […]


Getting to know Galileo

The Intel Galileo is a development kit produced by Intel, based around the Intel Quark X1000 SoC. The Quark X1000 is a Pentium-class 32 Bit ‘System On Chip’ device, with intel’s ISA architecture. Lets take a look at it’s features and get to know it a bit.