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October, 2013

Bug hunting : malloc failed :-(

I’ve been tracking down an elusive bug which was causing one of my devices to occasionally start mis-behaving.┬áThe device would respond slowly (if at all) to some commands, and respond normally to others. It was pretty obvious what the issue was when I attached the debugger and started single-stepping through the code while it was […]


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iOS 7 Tech Talks – Apple Developer

Guess who is not going to Apple’s Tech Talk in London this year? Yip – I just got an email saying I wasn’t successful at getting a place this year. Places on these seminars are like hens teeth! iOS 7 Tech Talks – Apple Developer.


Apples and Oranges

I Watched the Apple Keynote speech in which Tim Cook and others gushed about the latest devices and software to come from Cupertino. There is new iPad Air, iPad Mini with retina display and, very interestingly, some more details about the new Mac Pro including for the first time, pricing. At over $3000 dollars, I […]


Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball – infuriatingly close to being a good device.

After decades of working with computer mice I have repetitive strain in my right wrist. It’s not too bad, but it means that if I use a traditional mouse my wrist quickly becomes very sore, with pain right up to my elbow. I’ve found that using a thumb-operated trackball is much better and doesn’t generate […]


Books for Electronics Engineers

Here’s a list of books I recommend for electronics engineers. If you have any further suggestions, post them in the comments and I’ll be happy to add them. First, for a good grounding in electronics theory, circuit analysis, engineering maths for electronics and low level study, try this: Introductory Circuit Analysis by Robert L. Boylestad. […]


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Update: Issues with ICD3 on Mac OS X

Just a brief update on the issue I had using ICD3 on Mac OS X. Having removed all traces of Java 1.7 (aka JRE 7) from the Mac, the ICD3 still wouldn’t work. I un-installed MPLAB X and re-installed it again and I’m happy to report that it is working again now.


Issues with ICD3 in Mac OS X

I’ve been using Microchip’s MPLAB X on Mac OS X for some time now, and really getting along nicely with it. I use it for various projects and with a range of different hardware targets and programmers. I’m using MPLAB X v1.90 with PicKIT2, PicKIT3 and ICD3 and until recently I’ve had little or no […]


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Jim or Bob?

I’m working on a new interface board for a media system dock. The dock is part of a multi-room audio system I have been working on for a major client. It’s a great system, lets you listen to any audio source in any area/room, and keeps all the wiring tidied away in a cupboard or […]


Hello everyone!

Hi everyone I know, I know, It’s about time I got a blog… that way people can see what I’m up to and I can share somethings I might find interesting with others. Well here we are, wish me well!