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Flight MH370 – The simple facts

Sherlock homes once said something like: when you eliminate all other possibilities, whatever you are left with is the answer.

In the search for Flight MH370 why is everyone so intent on looking for theories, conspiracies, terrorism and plot? Why not just use the basic facts of what we know?

We know the flight took off, we know it was on-route, but stopped communicating. We know it turned. We know it was still in the air for 6 more hours or so. Thats it, thats all we know for sure really.

With those facts alone you will find the answer. It took off, something happened to harm the plane, it turned. It could not communicate with ground.

I think you will find the plane in the south indian seas, because it turned and then flew, in more or less a straight line, until it ran out of fuel and fell out the air. It is as simple as that – but 10 days later only now are people starting to examine the simple explanation for what has happened. No one wanted to take the simple explanation first, they all wanted the drama of some complicated plot.

Now, in case you think I am jumping on the bandwagon after the fact, just ask my family, they will tell you I was ranting about just following the facts and ignoring the theories long before anyone in the media thought about it. I even drew a line on my map at home showing roughly where I think the plane came down. It’s in the south indian seas, I am sure of it. But I hope I am wrong, and I hope it has actually be taken by terrorists and landed safely somewhere on land, and the passengers and crew are still alive. But I doubt it.

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