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Virtual becomes Reality – The Galileo Project.

I few weeks ago I posted about how I designed an enclosure for Galileo boards. I used the ‘cloud’ based software known as Autodesk Fusion 360 to do the design work. I then ‘shared’ the data with a colleague in another country part of the UK. He very kindly printed the design out on his HP DesignJet and what was just a collection of bytes in a virtual web service is now a physical entity in the real world.

It kind of reminds me a bit of the children’s program “Mr Ben”. Mr Ben was a character that was prone to having fantastical delusions of going on great adventures. When he came round to sanity again he often had some artefact of his imaginary world with him in the real world.

So here it is the first Galileo board enclosure that I designed in the ‘cloud’ printed out and existing in the real world:

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