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How to solve Apple’s Pro Video Formats 2.0.1 constant update loop.

A software update which was made available by Apple earlier this month causes some users machines to get stuck in a constant update loop. As soon as you install the update it re-appears as available for update. If this affects you, then there is a simple solution.

To install the update once and for all, and prevent it getting stuck in the constant update loop, simply log on to your Mac as a user with administrator privileges, then follow these simple steps:

  1. Run the Terminal app
  2. At the command line enter:
     sudo rm -R /Library/QuickTime/AppleMXFImport.component
  3. Enter your password when asked for it.
  4. Install the update from the Mac App Store one last time.

The update should install properly this time, and should not come back until a genuine future update is available.


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