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Getting Galileo on WiFi

A guide to getting Galileo on WiFi The Intel Galileo development board has a full sized PCIe connector on the bottom. Using this connector you can add a WiFi card to Galileo, so that it can joint your WiFi network, or even create one of it’s own. Galileo is compatible with a number of WiFi […]


Intel Galileo useful links

Some useful links to Intel Galileo information: Here are some useful links to information about Intel Galileo, if you have more to add let me know. Intel Galileo Development Board Documents – Covers User guide, schematics, reference design, getting started guides and so on. Intel Galileo Software Downloads – Linux images, Arduino IDE etc. Intel […]


Flight MH370 – The simple facts

Sherlock homes once said something like: when you eliminate all other possibilities, whatever you are left with is the answer. In the search for Flight MH370 why is everyone so intent on looking for theories, conspiracies, terrorism and plot? Why not just use the basic facts of what we know? We know the flight took […]


Apple refuses to unlock dead mum’s iPad: Sons told to get court order

Apple refuses to unlock dead mum’s iPad: Sons told to get court order. From The Register – read it here.


3D Printing – A Revolution?

3D Printing You cannot have failed to have heard stories in the press and media recently about 3D Printing, and how it  is going to revolutionise the world. Many are likening it to the desktop-printing revolution that began in the late 1980’s with the advent of affordable, desktop, high quality printers that started to appear […]


Using Creator v3.0 to target PSoC5 and PSoC5 LP

Recently Cypress updated their PSoC Creator tool suite to version 3.0. V3.0 Brought with it some great new features, such as: Auto Complete Goto Definition Code Explorer Inline Diagnostics Disabled code highlighting Automatic indenting And loads of other productivity and compiler improvements. However as I have mentioned in this post before, the tool dropped support for […]


ICD 3 vs Mac OS X Mavericks

Well, despite my earlier success I have to declare that, for me at least, The Microchip ICD-3 In Circuit Debugger is not compatible with OS X Mavericks. I have opened a ticket with Microchip tech Support, so we’ll see what transpires.


Apples and Oranges

I Watched the Apple Keynote speech in which Tim Cook and others gushed about the latest devices and software to come from Cupertino. There is new iPad Air, iPad Mini with retina display and, very interestingly, some more details about the new Mac Pro including for the first time, pricing. At over $3000 dollars, I […]


Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball – infuriatingly close to being a good device.

After decades of working with computer mice I have repetitive strain in my right wrist. It’s not too bad, but it means that if I use a traditional mouse my wrist quickly becomes very sore, with pain right up to my elbow. I’ve found that using a thumb-operated trackball is much better and doesn’t generate […]


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